Thick Snow Everywhere

Edinburgh is very pretty this morning now with thick snow everywhere, it makes the day seem extra bright. My last post was long, so here’s a short one: two poems I’ve written about snow.

Snow, by Eimear Bush

Softer than the moon,
Dimmer than a torch,
Last night it lit my room,
I wakened to its touch.
Through curtain, radiance,
A subtle minor chord,
It put me in a trance,
Snow, at last, abroad.
It makes afar come closer,
The distant hills expand,
Everything is quieter
Because of snow on land.
Each pace I take is short,
A grip of firm-set boot,
Stride tentative, I halt,
Sense black ice underfoot.
The lake is almost frozen,
There rests a single gull,
One leg tucked up behind him,
Matching the landscape, still.
Already there’s a thaw on,
A melt as sun gains height,
Dripping branch of blackthorn,
It will freeze again tonight.


by Eimear Bush

Feathers from heaven
Hypnotist’s dream state
Shavings of birch bark
Baby’s first haircut
Half-woken mind
Magic lace
Love letters from ghosts
God’s mattress burst its stuffing
Slomo paint spray
Sparklers winking
Waking after an anaesthetic
Angel’s dandruff
Diamond chips falling
Frost shard lullaby
Lost soul fragments
Flecks of ticker tape
Trimmings of old man’s beard
Battle of the duck down
Dust mites, lustrous 
Lucent ash whirling
Wordless call for silence
Sky’s silver scrapings
Shakedown of nature’s bounty
Beauty impermanent
Iridescent fireflies of snow.

One thought on “Thick Snow Everywhere

  1. Ohhhh, snow described so beautifully, baby’s first haircut……It has brought my mind to how I would describe it? Certainly driving in light, swirling snow in daylight is like being inside a snow globe. Thank you for gifting me the retrieval of this quiet thought.

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