Life is confusing, demanding, complicated – or so I think, most of the time. Then I have the occasional thought otherwise, smoky thoughts that I can never quite pin down. I’ve tried to explain it here in fourteen lines. 

Simple, by Eimear Bush

We make a meal of this life thing
With four pots on the boil at once,
Far too much going on, overthinking
It all, denying the common sense
We were born with to join the rat race
Of getting and gaining, when in the end
The veil will fall, and wisdom will replace
(One hopes) the game we all pretend
Is real: to be the best, succeed, to win.
It’s all a sham, an edifice collapsed to dross
When you look into the night sky, listen
To the silent mystery of the cosmos.
Life’s simpler than we’re led to think,
Enjoy each day, time passes in a blink.

3 thoughts on “Simple

  1. This is great. My favourite line, ‘its a sham, edifice collapsed into dross’ . You’ve managed to convey busy, the heat of life in those first few lines and on recognising the complexities it eases, it cools and relaxes. I love it.

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