Canny Mind

“Could you send me the name of the wine you brought when you came for dinner the other night?”  Ping.  Back came an immediate response: “Canny Mind.”  Gone are the days of wines being named after the vineyard, the land where the grapes are grown or the winemaker himself.  Château Des Maures, Cloudy Bay and … Continue reading Canny Mind


Yesterday, I was the recipient of a cheeky wink.  It was lobbed to me as I was disembarking the train at York in a distracted flurry, trying hard not to forget my trail of accoutrements that, over two and a half hours, I had liberally deposited above me (on the rack), beside me (on the … Continue reading Wink

Reasons to be Cheerful

‘A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.’  So decreed Robert Baden Powell when he drafted rule number eight of his manual, Scouting For Boys.  It contains nine Scouting rules - ‘A Scout is thrifty’ being the ninth - and, amongst those seven rules ranking higher than what I’m calling the ‘cheerful rule’, are: loyalty, obedience, … Continue reading Reasons to be Cheerful