Time to Consider

We have so much time to consider, these days.  To consider anything and everything.  To develop little obsessions, healthy and unhealthy. (Note to self: consider if is there such a thing as a healthy obsession?) My best time, the time I set for considering, is when I’m outside walking and watching, looking and noticing. I’m … Continue reading Time to Consider


I’m staying in the Scottish Highlands this week, in the middle of nowhere.  On Monday, I drove four hours north until I had reached absolutely nowhere, threw a left up a hill, further into nowhere, and finally I turned right down a dirt track until I reached the very heart of nowhere.  Trundling the last … Continue reading Caterpillar

April Showers

Sometimes April doesn’t keep its promise. It reneges.  Burrows back down a hole, pretending it never was.  It had been that way this week, when many of us had to check the calendar, only to utter, ‘Really?  April 4th?  Are we sure about that?’  Character building weather, one might call it, unless one is feeling delicate, … Continue reading April Showers