Past Glories

In both the religious and the secular world, November is the month of remembering the dead: the ordinary dead, the glorious dead, the forgotten dead. Remembrance Sunday fell this month and people are still wearing their poppies (a smattering of white now joining the red).  They are probably worn for different reasons: to respectfully call … Continue reading Past Glories


Attached to my fridge is a black and white photograph from Hallowe’en 1978.  It’s of me and my two sisters standing in the back garden wearing cobbled together costumes. M. is draped in a white sheet with two holes the size of 50p pieces roughly cut out at eye level; the cloth gathered at her waist … Continue reading Samhain

Trees Please

We’ve peaked.  We’re sliding towards bare branches, denuded winter trees, skeletal frames that you’ll soon believe will never have leaves again.  Yes, the intensity of autumn’s colour blast looks like it’s been run through too hot a wash; its vibrancy has been siphoned off, insipid now, like an 18thCentury patient drooping from bloodletting. I walked … Continue reading Trees Please