‘Faint heart never won fair lady.’ Remember the old-fashioned saying? Literally or figuratively, it expounds that timidity will prevent you from achieving your objective, be it throwing yourself with gusto at a job interview or with similar gusto at the man or lady of your dreams. It goes hand in hand with its twin saying, … Continue reading Searchlights


My hair is too long. It’s ridiculous. I can nearly sit on it. It hasn’t been near a pair of scissors in ten months and it needs to be chopped. Nothing dramatic, but I want to be able to look at the floor and see plenty of it down there - two inch lengths. A. … Continue reading Cut!


Sometimes, when I write, the words I choose and the connections I make can jump about in unexpected directions; by which I mean, unexpected for me. Lately I have been playing a game, trying to use each letter of the alphabet in the first letter of each blog title. I know it is a daft … Continue reading Zeal