On A Pedestal

‘You took a mystery and made me want it / You got a pedestal and put me on it/ You made me love you out feeling nothing/ Something that you do.’ Remember it?  ‘ChainReaction’- written by the Bee Gees and made famous by the sweet tones of Diana Ross.  It’s a great floor-filler.  Those opening lyrics, … Continue reading On A Pedestal

Our Town

I’m beginning to see Edinburgh as my town.  Beginning to.  The crowds have descended for the festival, and, as I weave my way through them, I think: “I live here.  I know where I’m going (geographically speaking), while most of these people don't. I’ll still be here on Tuesday 28thAugust, when they’ve all disappeared like … Continue reading Our Town

Be Nice

I used to work with J.  She sat adjacent to door of the CEO’s office and, in eight years of working there, he persistently got her name wrong.  He would almost get it right, but not quite – Ann instead of Anna, that sort of thing.  It wasn’t deliberate, and J. knew it; she’d long … Continue reading Be Nice


Was it only me, or did you feel as though July delivered about three months worth of life packed tightly into just thirty one days?  Was it the early dawns and late sunsets?  Was it the heat?  Was it the pin-balling news: wildfires, world cup, Thai boys’ rescue, summits, protests, elections in Pakistan and Zimbabwe, … Continue reading Lughnasa